Pan American Airways Film, "Five Hours to Bermuda."

"Five Hours to Bermuda"
13 mins. Black & White, Sound, 1937. Fulton family donation to the Pan Am Historical Foundation, 2017.

In 1937, Pan American Airways produced this short film to introduce travelers to the possibilities of a weekend trip to Bermuda and back. The trip across meant a luxurious few hours onboard the "Bermuda Clipper," a Sikorsky S-42. In the film, the trip back is onboard the British airliner RMA "Cavalier," the Shorts Empire class flying boat that provided reciprocal service to and from Bermuda and the US. This air link marked the first foray of its kind into transatlantic passenger service. The same year that Bermuda was linked to the US, Pan Am and Imperial Airways surveyed the true transatlantic route between America and Ireland, with actual mail and passenger flights beginning in mid-1939.

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